2000 Woods Racing Mustang GT

Oil, Fluid & Lubricant Specifications

What do we run in our own car you ask?
After looking over many options for the WR04, here is the final listing of the fluids, lubricants and oils we will be using for the 2009 season.

    Engine Oil: Amsoil Signature Series 100% Synthetic 0w-30 Motor Oil (SSO)

    We chose the SSO for a number of reasons. Mainly, we were looking for an oil with a high total base number (TBN). We look for long term protection, heat control at a wide range of RPM's and also an additive package that could not only suit our needs on the track, but also as a daily driven vehicle.
    The WR04 can see up to 1000km's per week, added on to the abuse we put it through at the track. Let's look at some stats that are important to us.
    What we like about the SSO:

    • TBN: 13.2
    • Proper flow and protection properties for our temperature range.
    • Resistant to burn-off
    • Resists oxidization and resists oxidation and neutralizes acid
    • Reduces energy loss from the “drag” common to high viscosity oils
    • Four ball wear test at 0.406mm 
    • Contains no wax

    The SSO will deliver us the protection and performance we demand. And as a bonus, through oil testing, we are able to extend our drain interval which not only saves us money, but also helps the environment. Some ask why a race oil is not used. Due to the high mileage daily driving, in and out of traffic, hot starts, cold starts, everything in the book, a race oil is more intended for short term massive protection vs. long term wear protection. We also wanted an extended drain interval. Since race vehicles are tough on mother nature, we do what we can to save oil and fuel use. The SSO gives us what we need on and off the track, the best of both worlds.

Transmission Fluid: Synthetic Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid (MTF)

In the WR04, we run a Tremec TKO-600 5 speed manual transmission. When first installed, we found a hard time to make third gear during power-shifting. It would often grind going in and often not going in at all causing a miss-shift and hence, low track times. Some solutions are available, and a popular one including grinding every third tooth off of the actual gear. We were not prepared to do this.
We solved this problem by replacing the original GM Synchromesh fluid with the MTF. Instantly we found smoother shifting, not only on the track, but also on the street. The car also has a Centerforce dual friction clutch. This makes it not the most comfortable car to drive around town, but we are now happy with the result. We need a transmission fluid that will withstand hard shifting and nasty launches. The way our car is set up, it comes out of the hole. It's rough on the entire drivetrain. The MTF will help us keep our transmission in one piece and get us home after.

    What we like about the MTF:

  • Protects gears and bearings in extreme temperature
  • maximizes energy efficiency
  • Prevents thinning effect
  • The Foam stability test scored a 0/0/0 which means it won't foam up and burn off

Differential : Sever Gear Gear Fluid 75w-90 (SVG)

    In the rear end of the car, bolted up to our Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft is a Ford Racing differential with carbon-fiber clutch plates, 4.10 Ford Racing gears and Ford Racing 31 spline axles. The punishment that this rear end takes when using the Mickey-Thompson slicks is unbelievable. On launch, it hits hard, very hard so we trust the SVG to handle those needs. We need our diff to stay together. Differential fluid is often overlooked, but hey, a diff that isn't working can stop the car from moving whatsoever. For this, we pay attention.
    What we like about the SVG:

  • Foam stability. The last thing we want is our fluid foaming up and burning off...the SVG has the foam point we need, 0/0/0.
  • Provides maximum protection for metal to metal contact.
  • The best protection in high heat applications.

    Wheels & Rims

    On May 20th, the WR04 spent the morning at the Fast Wheels shop in Vaudreuil, Quebec. With help from an amazing staff, a beautiful set of 20" Fast Wheels "Mistral" mags were installed. The technology that goes into a mag fitment these days is simply amazing. Ian and Derek of the Product development team were on hand to help with the process. Since every car is different, especially with modified vehicles, just slapping a mag on isn't an option.

    Caliper clearances, shocks, rotor's, lowered stances all comeinto consideration. Derek used a Faro machine to take the measurements and clearances to determine the spacing needed. An exact air pressure number will also be provided for not only a perfect fit, but also a perfect ride. We decided to go with the Mistral 20" Mag with Falken 452 tires, this was with help from Bob Chaplin. Bob helped me look over many options. I was looking for a rim unlike any other on a 99-04 Mustang to create an original, unique look. The Mistral mag is a beautiful deep lipped, platinum mag. The Falken 452 is an amazing performance tire which will do our car justice in the performance sector. The staggered fitment will create a mean looking, aggressive stance which will bring instant respect to the vehicle. And of course, on a 20" rim, the ride quality will improve greatly over our previous 17" Cobra R mags.

    We want to take this oppurtunity to thank Derek, Bob and Ian for their help in the project. Their industry know-how is unmatched and we look forward to working more with them in the future!