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The product we use normally for testing, is the oil that came with the project/test car. The synthetic that we use to test with is Amsoil. There are reasons we use Amsoil, why we choose Amsoil, and why we recommend Amsoil. It is the leader in synthetic lubrication and has over 35 years of experience. We have found through our testing that Amsoil outperforms all other synthetic and mineral based oils. We have done the research to prove it. Not only does it cool faster, it transfers heat better, increases gas mileage and protects better and longer than any other conventional oil. This is documented throughout this site. As we progress with the site, more and more information about Canada Synthetics and Amsoil will become available.

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Canada Synthetics is proud to use SCT Tuning software. Using the Livelink/LiveLoad software, it has been proven easy to monitor everything we need to bring you the proper information.

Always turn to SCT and Canada Synthetics for honest, data-backed answers.


"Canada Synthetics provides awesome service. You can definitely see that they truly care about their clientele. Great products as well-- I'm going to change all my fluids from Royal Purple to Amsoil."

Kate Muller

Yves Beaulieu
Laval, Quebec .

Toyota MR2 Turbo


"We flushed the engine and put some 0w-30. Wow! It sounds and feels like a new engine. It Runs MUCH smoother and my knocking noises are virtually gone. This quality is standard from Canada Synthetics."

Kate Muller

Fred St-Cyr
L'Île-Bizard, Quebec .

Mazda Miata