FAQ These questions are frequently asked either through email inquiries, by customers on-site, or other forms of correspondence.

What is datalogging?

Datalogging is recording your vehicles events through it's ECU and our software. Events such as temperatures, pressures, speeds, revolutions per minute etc.


Why would datalogging benefit me?

Datalogging will help you understand what is going on with your vehicle. By recording and analyzing vehicle occurrences, we can determine current problems and also prevent future problems.

If you race your vehicle, datalogging can help substantiate your vehicle's situation at the track. By reviewing the events, you can do things such as change your shift points, launch points and affect your overall performance. If you need to upgrade fluids such as brake fluid, transmission fluid and engine oil, datalogging will let you know.


Do you have an oil lab?

No, CanadaSynthetics does not have an oil lab. When we send oil out "to the lab", we send it to Oil Analyzers Inc. They perform all lab work for us and send us back a detailed report of your car's status.

Is this an online store website?

No. Although Canada Synthetics is an Amsoil dealer and you can purchase oils from us, this is an independent service website offering more than oil such as datalogging and lubrication services, including informational awareness and news.

Is Canada Synthetics owned by Amsoil?

No, we are an independent company and an independent dealer for Amsoil.

Then why only offer Amsoil products?

We have tested with all types of oils. Before making the decision to use Amsoil, we went through vigorous testing with many brands of oils. We found that Amsoil constantly outperformed other oils whether in race conditions or everyday conditions. Not only the engine oils, but their other synthetic fluids such as brake fluid, coolant, gear oils and more.

We choose Amsoil for these and more reasons. Amsoil stands behind the product more than any other, and since we do a lot of testing with various applications, tech support is important to us. The tech support team at Amsoil is always available for us and always gives the right answers when we need them.

So, is Canada Synthetics biased towards Amsoil?

No, not at all. We recommend and sell Amsoil, however, if we find that another oil performs better in your, or our application, we will recommend the better. Our first priority is the performance of the vehicle we are testing, not the type of oil we put use.

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