Dave Seguin Racing | Team 7x Nissan

Canada Synthetics & Woods Racing are proud to sponsor it's 2009 season

The Canada Synthetics / Woods Racing logo will be displayed on the 7x Nissan for the 2009 season, in the Mini-Stock series at Cornwall Motor Speedway.

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The 7x Nissan will be ran solely on Amsoil fluids and under the recommendation and monitoring of Canada Synthetics. Throughout the season we will post updates about the performance of the team, fluid performance, feedback as well as points results and standings. We congratulate Dave, his team Simon and Justin and his family, Kelly and son Cameron for taking part in Canada's greatest motorsports, grass roots racing. Canada Synthetics and Woods Racing are proud to be part of a succesful team, look forward to working with 7x and wish them the best of luck through the 2009 season.


Updates & Results | 2009 SEASON

Season Opener: May 17 2009 Cornwall Speedway - 6th in Point Standings
Congratulations Dave on a 5th and 7th place finish. It was cold, but that didn't phase anyone, spirits were high and the season opener proved to be an exciting one. During the first heat, Dave started on the pole, and held on to finished the race in 5th. During the feature, Dave started 6th, held his position for the most part, and after running third for a few laps, ran into some front end damage causing some heating issues. Dave stayed strong and finished in 7th place, and in the end, placing him 6th in the points.
Congratulations Dave for making it out of the first race in one piece!

May 24th 2009 - 9th in Standings
After a rough and tumble race in Cornwall, full of black flags bumping and grinding, Dave finished 3rd in the first heat. During the feature, Dave stayed in a competitive 2nd until he was spun out by another driver sagging his run to an 11th place pass over the checkered.
Some damage was felt on the car, and Dave is unhurt, and the car will be ready for next weekend. Dedication creates winner and we at Canada Synthetics / Woods Racing have the faith! Keep it up Dave and the crew! Great job so far!

May 31st - RAINED OUT

June 7th - RAINED OUT

June 14th - 5th in Standings
Good weather finally came back and race day went on! Solid driving and great teamwork led Dave and the 7x team to a 3rd place heat finish and a 4th place feature finish. Tire options are being played with to see if an advantage can be had and seems to be working well. Great job guys! Keep it up!

June 28th - 5th in Standings
A great 3rd place finish in the heat race followed by an 8th place finish keeps Dave and the 7x team 5th in points. Despite major overheating issues, the team overcame and stayed strong. Water pump failure and a major over heat caused some trouble, but all will be fixed for next week. Dedication is the way to be and this team is a perfect example!

July 5th - 5th in Standings
After a big heat fix this past week, this race was a tough one. The track has never been in such rough condition and a couple roll-overs wow'd the crowd in Cornwall. Cars are reporting broken shock towers, struts, no traction in the corners and aren't pleased to run on a track that looks like one made for 4x4 trucks. Great news is, despite the temperatures last week of 270 degrees+, the Amsoil RD50 is still performing as it should, protecting that motor to keep the car strong.

During the first heat, traction was a bit of an issue in corners but the 7x Team pushed and pushed to a 4th place finish. During the feature, despite the numerous cautions and accidents, 7x ran to a 7th place finish, keeping them in the top 5 in points.  Great job guys! Keep up the great work!

June 12th - RAINED OUT

June 12th - Mini-Stock races not held this week

August 16th - This is the weekend I went with the new set up with the offset rims, new suspension and different size stagger. We had the set up bang on in the heat. We started 4th went to first within a lap and lead the race by a huge margin approx. 13 car lengths I was told. Then there was a caution on last lap. The track champion Jean-Marc Larose was beside me on the restart I mishifted into second and he jumped into the lead to just win at the checkered flag. So we took a 2nd place finish in the heat. In the feature we had mechanical issues. The computer was losing power and shutting down the engine. The alternator connection came off sometime during the heat or the start of feature. I ain't sure of the final result of that race because it ain't posted on the cornwall speedway website but its around 10th i think. After this weekend, we are still in 5th place in standings.

August 23rd - This weekend was the roughest weekend of the season. Lots of cars written off including mine. We finished 6th in the heat. I was hit off the track by a dirty move by the 12 car and suffered some damage. The number 12 car was then penalized for this, and and was deducted 15% of his ponits that night. In the feature there was a huge accident that wrote my car off. I took a huge blow to the front that crushed the frame railed and twisted the car. Many cars were taken out by this crash. My season was done with that car. My final position at the end of the race was 15th. After this weekend we are still 5th place in standings.

September 6th - For this weekend we picked up an old beat up 240sx race car thanks to Mike Renaud to finish the season with. The car was not set up nor had much power. We managed to finish 5th in the heat and 11th in the feature. After this weekend we are still 5th place in standings.

September 13th - Weekend of fireball enduro and the death of the corsica!!! Ouch.

September 20th - The same 240sx race car was used but was driven by owner and cousin Mike renaud under the 7x team for the last race. It was Mike's first race and was very nervous but he wanted to get a little bit of experience in because he was building a car for the mini stock's for the 2010 season. Mike finished 8th in the heat. The feature Mike had a wreck and finished 18th for the season finale. This weekend the 33 car that was in 4th place but was unable to make this race. So we took over his spot in the points standings and finished the season with a strong 4th place with 387 points despite the difficulties during the season.

7x Nissan 240sx Profile

The team 7x Nissan is not your average 240sx. It is race-prepped by Dave Seguin Racing, along with help from his crew Justin and Simon. The original motor was removed in search for bigger displacement and reliability. A VG30DE was placed in along with the transmission, a welded differential and a solid welding job on the exhaust, 6 point roll cage, 5 way safety harness and all the cool stuff that goes along with a stock car.

This car has been built to the standards demanded by the rules of Cornwall Speedway. We at Canada Synthetics / Woods Racing are the main sponsors along with help from DeBoer Auto and CJ's Auto.